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Census of the British Empire, Report, 1901


Page 249

Detailed tables(230 pages) [Start|End]
56. South Australia (including the Northern Territory)(Pages 244-249) [Start|End]
Table 10. Males and females (exclusive of Aborigines) at various groups of ages suffering from different infirmities, 1901(Page 249) [Start|End]
57. Western Australia(Pages 249-257) [Start|End]
Table 1. Area; houses and population, 1901(Page 249) [Start|End]
Table 2. Population (exclusive of full-blooded Aborigines) at each census, 1818 to 1901(Page 249) [Start|End]
Table 3. Population (exclusive of full-blooded Aborigines) and habitations in each federal electorate and in the chief towns, 1901(Page 249) [Start|End]
Page 249