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Ecclesiastical areas (England), England and Wales, 1931

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-ii) Title page & contents
(4 pages)Contract subtree Introduction
(Page iii) The ecclesiastical province
(Page iii) The diocese
(Pages iii-vi) The ecclesiastical parish
(Page vi) Boundaries of ecclesiastical parishes
(Page vi) Detached parts of ecclesiastical parishes
(Page vi) Extra-parochial places
(Page vi) Present organisation
(Page 1) Explanatory notes
(193 pages)Contract subtree Tables
(Page 2) 1. Population 1911, 1921 and 1931 and intercensal increase. England (as defined for church purposes)
(Page 2) 2. Number of parishes (or districts) and of extra parochial places; population 1921 and 1931. Ecclesiastical provinces and dioceses
(Pages 3-4) 3. Constitution by administrative counties and county boroughs. Dioceses
(Page 5) 4. Ecclesiastical parishes or districts classified according to population, 1931. Dioceses
(Pages 6-194)Contract subtree 5. Ecclesiastical parishes or districts. Populations 1921 and 1931
(Pages 6-145)Contract subtree Province of Canterbury
(Pages 6-12) Diocese of Bath and Wells
(Pages 12-14) Diocese of Birmingham
(Pages 14-17) Diocese of Bristol
(Pages 17-21) Diocese of Canterbury
(Pages 21-27) Diocese of Chelmsford
(Pages 27-31) Diocese of Chichester
(Pages 32-34) Diocese of Coventry
(Pages 34-37) Diocese of Derby
(Pages 37-41) Diocese of Ely
(Pages 41-47) Diocese of Exeter
(Pages 47-52) Diocese of Gloucester
(Pages 52-54) Diocese of Guildford
(Pages 54-58) Diocese of Hereford
(Pages 58-62) Diocese of Leicester
(Pages 62-68) Diocese of Lichfield
(Pages 68-77) Diocese of Lincoln
(Pages 77-86) Diocese of London
(Pages 86-93) Diocese of Norwich
(Pages 94-102) Diocese of Oxford
(Pages 102-106) Diocese of Peterborough
(Pages 106-108) Diocese of Portsmouth
(Pages 108-110) Diocese of Rochester
(Pages 110-114) Diocese of St. Albans
(Pages 114-120) Diocese of St. Edmundsbury and Ipswich
(Pages 120-127) Diocese of Salisbury
(Pages 127-132) Diocese of Southwark
(Pages 132-135) Diocese of Southwell
(Pages 135-138) Diocese of Truro
(Pages 138-142)Contract subtree Diocese of Winchester (including the Channel Islands)
(Page 142) Channel Islands
(Pages 142-145) Diocese of Worcester
(Pages 146-194)Contract subtree Province of York
(Pages 146-149) Diocese of Blackburn
(Pages 149-151) Diocese of Bradford
(Pages 151-155) Diocese of Carlisle
(Pages 155-160) Diocese of Chester
(Pages 160-165) Diocese of Durham
(Pages 165-168) Diocese of Liverpool
(Pages 168-172) Diocese of Manchester
(Pages 172-177) Diocese of Newcastle
(Pages 177-181) Diocese of Ripon
(Pages 181-183) Diocese of Sheffield
(Pages 183-186) Diocese of Wakefield
(Pages 186-194) Diocese of York
(Page 194) Diocese of Sodor and Man