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Isle of Man, 1931

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-v) Title page, introductory letter & contents
(Page vii) Preface
(Pages vii-viii) Population
(Pages viii-xiv) Dwellings, rooms and families
(Pages xiii-xiv) Institutions
(Pages xv-xvii) Sex, age and marital condition
(Pages xvii-xviii) Occupations of males
(Pages xviii-xix) Occuations of females
(Pages xix-xx) Age distribution in occupations
(Page xx) Birthplaces and nationalities
(Page xxi) Manx language
(26 pages)Contract subtree Tables
(Page 1) 1. Population, 1821-1931, and intercensal variations (Isle of Man)
(Page 1) 2. Population, 1911-1931, separate occupiers, 1921 and 1931, and acreage (Isle of Man and civil parishes)
(Page 2) 2a. Population, 1911-1931, and separate occupiers, 1921 and 1931 (towns, civil parishes, wards and village districts)
(Page 3) 3. Population, 1921 and 1931 (ecclesiastical parishes)
(Page 4) 4. Institutions (civil parishes)
(Page 4) 5. Births and deaths, 1921-1930 (Isle of Man)
(Page 5) 6. Comparison of census and resident populations (Isle of Man, town, village, and parish districts)
(Pages 6-8) 7. Dwellings, rooms and families (Isle of Man, town and village districts and aggregate of parish districts)
(Pages 9-12) 8. Private families and rooms occupied (Isle of Man, town and village districts and aggregate of parish districts)
(Page 13) 9. Ages (individual years) (Isle of Man)
(Page 14) 10. Ages (quinquennial groups) and marital conditions (Isle of Man)
(Page 14) 11. Ages (quinquennial groups) and marital conditions (towns)
(Pages 15-22) 12. Occupations (Isle of Man and towns)
(Page 23) 13. Occupations (condensed list) by marital condition, industrial status and 12 age groups (Isle of Man)
(Page 24) 14. Birthplaces (Isle of Man)
(Page 25) 15. Foreign born population by country of birth and nationality (Isle of Man)
(Page 26) 16. Language (English and Manx) at certain age groups (Isle of Man and towns)