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General report, 1931

Table of Contents

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(Pages 1-8) Title page, note and contents
(21 pages)Expand subtree I. Preparation and procedure
(54 pages)Expand subtree II. Population
(Page 74) III. Buildings, dwellings, rooms and families
(31 pages)Contract subtree IV. Sexes, ages and marital conditions
(Pages 74-76)Expand subtree 1. Sexes
(Pages 76-77)Expand subtree 2. Regional and county variations in sex proportions
(Page 78)Expand subtree 3. Sex proportions in other countries
(Pages 78-99)Contract subtree 4. Ages
(Page 80) Diagrams E and F. Population by single years of age, and graduated populations at single years of age, distinguishing males and females (England and Wales)
(Page 81) Diagram G. Census 1931. Age dristribution (England and Wales)
(Page 83) XL. Population of England and Wales in age groups, 1931 and 1921, and its distribution per 10, 000
(Page 84) Diagrams H and J. Population by quinquennial groups of age, 1891-1931. Males and Females (England and Wales)
(Page 86) XLI. Population in age groups and distribution per 1, 000 total population at successive censuses, England and Wales, 1881-1931
(Pages 87-90)Expand subtree (A) Sections of the country
(Pages 90-96)Expand subtree (B) Mis-statements of age
(Pages 96-99)Expand subtree (C) Graduation of ages
(Pages 100-104)Expand subtree 5. Marital condition
(61 pages)Expand subtree V. Occupation and industry
(19 pages)Expand subtree VI. Birthplace and nationality
(5 pages)Expand subtree VII. Welsh language
(7 pages)Expand subtree VIII. Usual residence
(7 pages)Expand subtree Appendices