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General report, 1931

Table of Contents

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(Pages 1-8) Title page, note and contents
(21 pages)Expand subtree I. Preparation and procedure
(54 pages)Expand subtree II. Population
(Page 74) III. Buildings, dwellings, rooms and families
(31 pages)Expand subtree IV. Sexes, ages and marital conditions
(61 pages)Expand subtree V. Occupation and industry
(19 pages)Expand subtree VI. Birthplace and nationality
(5 pages)Contract subtree VII. Welsh language
(Pages 182-184)Expand subtree 1. Scope of inquiry
(Pages 184-185)Expand subtree 2. Age distribution
(Pages 185-186)Expand subtree 3. Local distribution of the Welsh speaking population
(7 pages)Expand subtree VIII. Usual residence
(7 pages)Expand subtree Appendices