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General report, 1931

Table of Contents

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(Pages 1-8) Title page, note and contents
(21 pages)Expand subtree I. Preparation and procedure
(54 pages)Contract subtree II. Population
(Pages 21-26)Expand subtree 1. Population of England and Wales
(Pages 26-28)Expand subtree 2. Migration and other miscellaneous movements
(Pages 28-30)Expand subtree 3. Intercensal estimates of population
(Page 31) 4. International changes in population
(Pages 31-32)Expand subtree 5. Density of population
(Pages 32-34)Expand subtree 6. Population in geographical regions of England and Wales
(Pages 34-36)Expand subtree 7. Population in counties
(Pages 36-37)Expand subtree 8. Density of population in counties
(Pages 37-41)Expand subtree 9. Population in urban and rural density aggregates
(Pages 41-42)Expand subtree 10. London administrative county, outer ring and adjacent Metropolitan areas
(Pages 43-48)Expand subtree 11. Analysis of movement in the Metropolitan area since 1921
(Pages 48-52)Expand subtree 12. Large towns
(Pages 53-54) 13. Smaller towns
(Pages 54-55) 14. Civil parishes and wards of urban areas
(Pages 55-60)Expand subtree 15. Parliamentary areas
(Page 60) 16. Ecclesiastical areas
(Pages 60-61) 17. Other areas
(Pages 61-63)Expand subtree 18. Institutions and special classes
(Pages 63-74)Expand subtree 19. Boundary changes arising out of the operation of section 46 of the local government act, 1929
(Page 74) III. Buildings, dwellings, rooms and families
(31 pages)Expand subtree IV. Sexes, ages and marital conditions
(61 pages)Expand subtree V. Occupation and industry
(19 pages)Expand subtree VI. Birthplace and nationality
(5 pages)Expand subtree VII. Welsh language
(7 pages)Expand subtree VIII. Usual residence
(7 pages)Expand subtree Appendices