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General report, England and Wales, 1921

Table of Contents

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(Pages 1-7) Title page & contents
(217 pages)Contract subtree Report
(Pages 1-9)Expand subtree I. Introduction
(Pages 10-26, Pages 1-33)Expand subtree II. Population
(Pages 34-58)Expand subtree III. Buildings, dwellings, rooms and families
(Pages 58-60)Expand subtree IV. Institutions
(Pages 60-64, Pages 1-84)Expand subtree V. Sexes, ages and marital conditions
(Pages 84-85)Expand subtree VI. Education
(Pages 85-145)Expand subtree VII. Occupations and industries
(Pages 146-160)Contract subtree VIII Birthplace and nationality
(Page 146) Scope, of the inquiry
(Pages 146-147)Expand subtree Summary of birthplaces
(Page 148)Expand subtree Natives of Scotland and Ireland
(Pages 149-150)Expand subtree Persons born in British dominions, colonies and dependencies
(Pages 150-160)Contract subtree Persons born in foreign countries or at sea
(Page 150) Table LXI. Persons born in foreign countries, distinguishing British subjects and foreigners, and enumerated in England and Wales at each census, 1851-1921
(Page 151)Expand subtree 1. British subjects born in foreign countries
(Page 151) 2. British subjects by birth
(Page 152) 3. British subjects by naturalization
(Pages 152-155)Expand subtree 4. Foreign born persons of alien and unstated nationality
(Pages 155-157)Expand subtree 5. Local distribution of foreigners
(Pages 157-159)Expand subtree 6. Sex, age and marital condition of foreigners
(Page 160) 7. Occupations of foreigners
(Page 160) 8. Persons born at sea
(Pages 160-183)Expand subtree IX. Dependency, orphanhood, and fertility
(Pages 183-189)Expand subtree X. Welsh language
(Pages 190-197)Expand subtree XI Workplaces
(Pages 198-211)Expand subtree Appendices