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County of Galway, 1851

Table of Contents

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(Page 1) Title page
(79 pages)Contract subtree Baronies, parishes and townlands
(Page 3) Barony of Aran
(Pages 3-5) Barony of Athenry
(Pages 5-10) Barony of Ballymoe
(Pages 10-15) Barony of Ballynahinch
(Pages 16-23) Barony of Clare
(Pages 23-26) Barony of Clonmacnowen
(Pages 26-32) Barony of Dunkellin
(Pages 32-36) Barony of Dunmore
(Pages 37-38) Barony of Galway
(Pages 38-42) Barony of Kilconnell
(Pages 42-45) Barony of Killian
(Pages 45-50) Barony of Kiltartan
(Pages 50-56) Barony of Leitrim
(Pages 56-62) Barony of Longford
(Pages 62-66) Barony of Loughrea
(Pages 66-72) Barony of Moycullen
(Pages 72-74) Barony of Ross
(Pages 75-80) Barony of Tiaquin
(Page 80) Summary by baronies
(Page 81) Borough of Galway
(6 pages)Contract subtree Poor law unions and electoral divisions
(Page 81) Union of Ballinasloe, part of
(Page 82) Union of Ballinrobe, part of
(Page 82) Union of Clifden, part of
(Page 82) Union of Galway
(Page 83) Union of Glennamaddy, part of
(Page 83) Union of Gort, part of
(Pages 83-84) Union of Loughrea
(Page 84) Union of Mountbellew
(Page 84) Union of Oughterard, part of
(Pages 84-85) Union of Portumna
(Page 85) Union of Roscommon, part of
(Page 85) Union of Scarriff, part of
(Page 85) Union of Tuam
(Page 86) Summary by poor law unions