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Population, ages, conjugal condition, occupations, birthplaces, housing, Gaelic-speaking, Scotland, 1911

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(Pages i-ii) Title page & contents
(Pages iii-iv) Introductory letter
(116 pages)Expand subtree Report
(572 pages)Contract subtree Appendix tables
(Pages 1-2) List of appendix tables
(Pages 3-223)Expand subtree Population tables. (Except where specially noted, shipping population is included.)
(Pages 224-262)Expand subtree Ages and conjugal conditions
(Pages 263-445)Expand subtree Occupations
(Pages 446-501)Expand subtree Industries
(Pages 502-523)Expand subtree Birthplaces
(Pages 524-568)Expand subtree Housing conditions
(Pages 569-571)Expand subtree Gaelic speakers