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Population tables and report. Scotland. [Vol. I.], 1861

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(Pages i-vi) Title page and contents
(30 pages)Expand subtree Report
(28 pages)Expand subtree Tables appended to the report
(180 pages)Contract subtree Abstracts: Population tables
(Pages 2-99)Expand subtree I. Scotland in civil counties and parishes, showing the numbers of families; of houses inhabited, uninhabited, and building; of males, females, and both sexes; of children at school the first week of April 1861; of all in the receipt of education; of rooms with windows; and of the temporarily absent and temporarily present. The parishes arranged alphabetically under each county
(Pages 101-109) II. Explanation of difference between the civil and registration counties, 1801 to 1861
(Pages 111-150)Contract subtree III. Scotland in registration counties and districts, giving the full particulars as in the civil counties and parishes. The districts arranged alphabetically under each county
(Page 112) Scotland, its divisions and registration counties
(Pages 113-126)Expand subtree Registration counties and districts
(Pages 127-150)Expand subtree Particulars of the registration districts
(Pages 151-161)Expand subtree IV. Parliamentary and royal burghs, towns, and villages of Scotland, 1861 (excluding shipping)
(Pages 163-180) V. Number of families inhabiting houses of different sizes in Scotland, its registration counties and districts, excluding the army, navy, merchant shipping, and vagrants