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Population tables and report. Scotland. [Vol. I.], 1861

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(Pages i-vi) Title page and contents
(30 pages)Expand subtree Report
(28 pages)Expand subtree Tables appended to the report
(180 pages)Contract subtree Abstracts: Population tables
(Pages 2-99)Expand subtree I. Scotland in civil counties and parishes, showing the numbers of families; of houses inhabited, uninhabited, and building; of males, females, and both sexes; of children at school the first week of April 1861; of all in the receipt of education; of rooms with windows; and of the temporarily absent and temporarily present. The parishes arranged alphabetically under each county
(Pages 101-109) II. Explanation of difference between the civil and registration counties, 1801 to 1861
(Pages 111-150)Expand subtree III. Scotland in registration counties and districts, giving the full particulars as in the civil counties and parishes. The districts arranged alphabetically under each county
(Pages 151-161)Expand subtree IV. Parliamentary and royal burghs, towns, and villages of Scotland, 1861 (excluding shipping)
(Pages 163-180) V. Number of families inhabiting houses of different sizes in Scotland, its registration counties and districts, excluding the army, navy, merchant shipping, and vagrants