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Population tables, Scotland, Vol. II, 1871

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(Pages i-x) Title page & contents
(38 pages)Expand subtree Report
(90 pages)Expand subtree Births, marriages, and deaths during the ten years 1861-1870
(48 pages)Expand subtree Tables appended to the report
(9 pages)Expand subtree Diagrams
(582 pages)Contract subtree Abstracts
(Pages 1-76)Expand subtree Section X. Ages of the people
(Pages 77-133)Expand subtree Section XI. Educational statistics
(Pages 135-174)Expand subtree Section XII. Civil or conjugal condition of the people
(Pages 175-193)Expand subtree Section xiii. Birth-places of the people
(Pages 195-546)Expand subtree Section XIV. Occupations of the people
(Pages 547-579)Expand subtree Section XV. Births, marriages, and deaths, 1861-1870
(32 pages)Expand subtree Indices