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Population tables, Scotland, Vol. II, 1871

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-x) Title page & contents
(38 pages)Contract subtree Report
(Page xi) Preliminary remarks
(Pages xii-xxiii)Expand subtree Ages of the people
(Pages xxiii-xxiv)Expand subtree Educational statistics
(Pages xxiv-xxv)Expand subtree Conjugal condition of the people
(Pages xxvi-xxx)Expand subtree Husbands and wives
(Pages xxxi-xxxii)Expand subtree Widowers and widows
(Pages xxxii-xxxiii)Contract subtree Bachelors and spinsters
(Pages xxxii-xxxiii) Definition of the terms bachelors and spinsters
(Page xxxiii) Number and proportion of bachelors and spinsters diminishes with each quinquenniad of life
(Page xxxiii) High proportion of spinsters to bachelors
(Page xxxiii) Proportion of bachelors and spinsters to total marriageable population
(Pages xxxiv-xxxvi)Expand subtree Birth-places of the people
(Pages xxxvi-xlviii)Expand subtree Occupations of the people
(90 pages)Expand subtree Births, marriages, and deaths during the ten years 1861-1870
(48 pages)Expand subtree Tables appended to the report
(9 pages)Expand subtree Diagrams
(582 pages)Expand subtree Abstracts
(32 pages)Expand subtree Indices