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Population tables, Scotland, Vol. II, 1871

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(Pages i-x) Title page & contents
(38 pages)Expand subtree Report
(90 pages)Contract subtree Births, marriages, and deaths during the ten years 1861-1870
(Pages xlix-lii) Preliminary remarks on the population, and on its division into groups of districts
(Page lii) Proportion of children in the populations of the groups of districts almost identical, though the birth-rate was so extremely different
(Pages lii-liv) Connection between density of population and the proportion of births, deaths, and marriages
(Page liv) Vitality of the populations in the different groups of districts, as shown by the death-rates in each
(Page liv) Vitality of the populations in the different groups of districts, as shown by the marriage and birth-rates
(Pages lv-lvii)Expand subtree Births in Scotland
(Pages lvii-lxiii)Expand subtree Illegitimate births
(Pages lxiii-lxviii)Expand subtree Ages of mothers bearing children
(Pages lxviii-lxxiv)Contract subtree Number of children born to each woman
(Pages lxix-lxx) Proportion of married women who bear children annually
(Page lxx) Proportion of married women in Scotland who bore one, two, or more children
(Page lxx) Proportion in Scotland compared with those in the state of New York
(Pages lxx-lxxii) Highest number of children borne by women
(Page lxxii) Proportion of married women who prove barren
(Pages lxxii-lxxiii) New emigrants to a country have larger families than the native-born women
(Pages lxxiii-lxxiv) Liability to bear twins increases with age
(Page lxxiv) Lengthened period which elapsed between the date of marriage and the birth of the first child
(Pages lxxiv-lxxxix)Expand subtree Marriages in Scotland
(Pages lxxxix-cii)Expand subtree Deaths in Scotland
(Pages cii-cxi)Expand subtree Diseases which caused the mortality
(Pages cxi-cxxix)Expand subtree Geographical distribution of disease in Scotland
(Pages cxxix-cxxxvii)Expand subtree Influence of season and weather on the mortality
(48 pages)Expand subtree Tables appended to the report
(9 pages)Expand subtree Diagrams
(582 pages)Expand subtree Abstracts
(32 pages)Expand subtree Indices