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Census of the British Empire, Report, 1901

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-xiii) Title & contents pages
(50 pages)Contract subtree Report
(Page xv) Introduction
(Page xvi) I. Area
(Pages xvi-xviii) II. Population
(Page xix) III. Density of population
(Pages xx-xxii) IV. Towns
(Pages xxiii-xxiv) V. Sexes
(Pages xxv-xxvi) VI. Ages
(Pages xxvii-xxviii) VII. Conditions as to marriage
(Pages xxix-xxxviii) VIII. Occupations
(Pages xxxix-xlviii) IX. Birthplaces
(Pages xlix-li) X. Religions
(Pages lii-lv) XI. Education
(Pages lvi-lviii) XII. Infirmities
(Pages lix-lxiv) XIII. Conclusion
(71 pages)Contract subtree Summary tables
(Page 1) Table 1. Area and population on or about 1st April, 1901
(Pages 2-7) Table 2. Area; houses, 1901; population, enumerated or estimated, 1891 and 1901, and increase or decrease in population, 1891-1901
(Pages 8-11) Table 3. Chief cities and towns; population 1891 and 1901; and increase or decrease in population, 1891-1901
(Pages 12-25) Table 4. Ages of persons, males and females, in those colonies, &c., for which returns are available
(Pages 26-35) Table 5. Condition as to marriage, and ages, of persons, males and females, in those colonies, &c., for which returns are available
(Pages 36-51) Table 6. Occupations of males and females in those colonies, &c., for which returns are available
(Pages 52-53) Table 6a. List of occupational headings adopted in the census of England and Wales, 1901
(Pages 54-63) Table 7. Birthplaces of persons, males and females, in those colonies, &c., for which returns are available
(Pages 64-67) Table 8. Religions of the population in those colonies, &c., for which returns are available
(Page 68) Table 9. Degrees of elementary education of the population in those colonies, &c., for which returns are available
(Pages 69-70) Table 10. The numbers of the blind, deaf and dumb, lunatics, imbeciles and feeble-minded, lepers, and those suffering from some other infirmities in those colonies, &c., for which returns are available
(Page 71) Dates on which the census was taken in the United Kingdom and in the several colonies, &c
(230 pages)Contract subtree Detailed tables
(Pages 72-75)Expand subtree 1. Gibraltar
(Pages 76-83)Expand subtree 2. Maltese Islands
(Pages 83-87)Expand subtree 3. Cyprus
(Pages 87-110)Expand subtree 4. Indian Empire
(Pages 110-121)Expand subtree 5. Ceylon
(Pages 121-126)Expand subtree 6. Straits Settlements
(Pages 126-129)Expand subtree 7. Federated Malay States
(Page 130) 8. State of Johore. (No census)
(Pages 130-131)Expand subtree 9. State of North Borneo
(Page 131) 10. Brunei. (No census)
(Page 132) 11. Labuan: Age, sex, nationality, and occupations of the population, 1901
(Page 133) 12. Sarawak. (No census)
(Pages 133-138)Expand subtree 13. Hong Kong
(Pages 138-139)Expand subtree 14. Wei-Hai-Wei
(Pages 139-141)Expand subtree 15. Gambia
(Pages 142-144)Expand subtree 16. Sierra Leone
(Pages 144-145)Expand subtree 17. Gold Coast
(Pages 145-146)Expand subtree 18. Lagos
(Page 146) 19. Nigeria. (No census)
(Pages 146-160)Expand subtree 20. Cape of Good Hope (1904)
(Pages 160-161)Expand subtree 21. Basutoland (1904)
(Pages 161-169)Expand subtree 22. Natal (1904)
(Pages 169-175)Expand subtree 23. Orange River colony (1904)
(Pages 175-176)Expand subtree 24. Transvaal (1904)
(Page 177)Expand subtree 25. Bechuanaland protectorate (1904)
(Pages 177-178)Expand subtree 26. Southern Rhodesia (1904)
(Page 178) 27. Northern Rhodesia, comprising the two provinces of North-Eastern Rhodesia and North-Western Rhodesia (Barotseland). (No census)
(Page 178) 28. British Central Africa. (No census)
(Page 178) 29. Zanzibar Island and Pemba Island. (No census)
(Page 178) 30. East Africa protectorate. (No census)
(Page 178) 31. Uganda protectorate. (No census)
(Page 178) 32. Somaliland protectorate. (No census)
(Page 179)Expand subtree 33. Ascension Island
(Pages 180-181)Expand subtree 34. St. Helena
(Page 181) 35. Tristan da Cunha. (No census)
(Pages 181-185)Expand subtree 36. Mauritius and dependencies
(Pages 186-188)Expand subtree 37. Seychelles Islands
(Page 188) 38. Socotra. (No census)
(Pages 188-194)Expand subtree 39. Dominion of Canada
(Pages 195-197)Expand subtree 40. Newfoundland and Labrador
(Pages 197-199)Expand subtree 41. Bermudas or Somers Islands
(Page 200)Expand subtree 42. Bahama Islands
(Page 201) 43. Jamaica. (No census)
(Page 201) 44. Cayman Islands. (No census)
(Pages 201-202)Expand subtree 45. Turks and Caicos Islands
(Page 202) 46. Leeward Islands area; population, 1891 and 1901
(Pages 203-207)Expand subtree 47. Windward Islands
(Page 207) 48. Barbados. (No census)
(Pages 207-210)Expand subtree 49. Trinidad and Tobago
(Pages 211-213)Expand subtree 50. British Honduras
(Page 213) 51. British Guiana. (No census)
(Pages 213-215)Expand subtree 52. Falkland Islands
(Pages 215-229)Expand subtree 53. New South Wales (excluding Norfolk Island)
(Pages 229-239)Expand subtree 54. Victoria
(Pages 240-244)Expand subtree 55. Queensland
(Pages 244-249)Expand subtree 56. South Australia (including the Northern Territory)
(Pages 249-257)Expand subtree 57. Western Australia
(Pages 257-261)Expand subtree 58. Tasmania
(Pages 261-268)Expand subtree 59. New Zealand
(Pages 268-270)Expand subtree 60. Fiji Islands and Rotuma
(Page 271) 61. British New Guinea. (No census)
(Page 271) 62. Pacific Islands. (No census)
(Page 271) 63. Other Islands. (No census)
(Pages 272-295)Expand subtree 53.-59. Australian states and New Zealand
(Pages 296-297) Table showing the general scope of the censuses in the several parts of the British Empire
(Pages 298-299) Form of occupier's schedule used at the census of England and Wales, 1901
(Pages 300-301) Alphabetical index to the detailed census tables for the colonies, protectorates, and dependencies of the British Empire
(1 foldout) Map of the world on Mercator's projection, showing the British possessions tinted in red