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Dependent children, Scotland, Vol. IV, 1921

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-ii) Title page & contents
(Page iii) Introductory letter
(Pages v-x) Report on the number of dependent children in Scotland
(Page 1) List of general tables
(55 pages)Contract subtree General tables
(Pages 2-3)Expand subtree 1. Dependent children. Summary
(Page 3) 2. Average number of dependent children per married couple
(Page 4) 3. Average age of dependent children of married couples
(Pages 4-5) 4. Average number of dependent children by grouped age of parent
(Pages 6-13)Expand subtree 5. Number of dependent children
(Pages 14-17)Expand subtree 6. Frequency of families of varying size
(Pages 18-25)Expand subtree Age of dependent children
(Pages 26-33)Expand subtree 8. Age of youngest dependent
(Pages 34-35)Expand subtree 9. Age of youngest dependent by size of family
(Pages 36-41)Expand subtree 10. Married couples
(Pages 42-55) 11. Occupations, with average number of dependent children