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Ecclesiastical areas (England), England and Wales, 1931

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-ii) Title page & contents
(4 pages)Contract subtree Introduction
(Page iii) The ecclesiastical province
(Page iii) The diocese
(Pages iii-vi) The ecclesiastical parish
(Page vi) Boundaries of ecclesiastical parishes
(Page vi) Detached parts of ecclesiastical parishes
(Page vi) Extra-parochial places
(Page vi) Present organisation
(Page 1) Explanatory notes
(193 pages)Contract subtree Tables
(Page 2) 1. Population 1911, 1921 and 1931 and intercensal increase. England (as defined for church purposes)
(Page 2) 2. Number of parishes (or districts) and of extra parochial places; population 1921 and 1931. Ecclesiastical provinces and dioceses
(Pages 3-4) 3. Constitution by administrative counties and county boroughs. Dioceses
(Page 5) 4. Ecclesiastical parishes or districts classified according to population, 1931. Dioceses
(Pages 6-194)Expand subtree 5. Ecclesiastical parishes or districts. Populations 1921 and 1931