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Jersey, Guernsey and adjacent islands, 1931

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-iv) Title page & contents
(Page v) Preface
(Pages v-vi) Population
(Pages vi-xii) Dwellings, rooms and families
(Page xiii) Institutions
(Pages xiii-xv) Sex, age and marital condition
(Pages xv-xvi) Occupations of males. Jersey
(Page xvi) Occupations of females. Jersey
(Page xvii) Age distribution in occupations. Jersey
(Pages xvii-xviii) Occupations of males. Guernsey and adjacent islands
(Page xviii) Occupations of females. Guernsey and adjacent islands
(Page xix) Age distribution in occupations. Guernsey and adjacent islands
(Pages xix-xx) Birthplaces and nationalities
(36 pages)Contract subtree Tables
(Pages 1-17)Expand subtree Jersey
(Pages 18-36)Expand subtree Guernsey and adjacent islands