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Classification of occupations, England and Wales, 1931

Table of Contents

(Pages 1-2) Title page & contents
(Pages i-ii) Introduction
(Pages iii-ix) Instructions to clerks employed in classifying occupations
(Pages x-xi) Householder's schedule used at the 1931 census
(13 pages)Contract subtree Summary of classified list of occupations
(Pages 1-2) Orders and sub-orders
(Pages 3-13) Orders, sub-orders and groups with code numbers
(114 pages)Contract subtree Classified list
(Page 14) I. Fishermen
(Pages 14-15) II. Agricultural occupations
(Pages 15-21) III. Mining and Quarrying occupations
(Pages 21-22) IV. Workers in the treatment of non-metalliferous mine and quarry products
(Pages 22-24) V. Makers of bricks, pottery, and glass
(Pages 24-27) VI. Workers in chemical processes; makers of paints, oils, &c
(Pages 27-41) VII. Metal workers (not electro plate or precious metals)
(Pages 41-42) VIII. Workers in precious metals and electro plate
(Pages 42-44) IX. Electrical apparatus makers and fitters (not elsewhere enumerated) and electricians
(Pages 44-45) X. Makers of watches, clocks, and scientific instruments
(Pages 45-46) XI. Workers in skins and leather, and makers of leather and leather substitute goods (not boots or shoes)
(Pages 46-54) XII. Textile workers
(Pages 54-58) XIII. Makers of textile goods and articles of dress
(Pages 58-60) XIV. Makers of food, drinks, and tobacco
(Pages 60-64) XV. Workers in wood and furniture
(Pages 64-66) XVI. Makers of and workers in paper and cardboard; bookbinders, &c
(Pages 66-67) XVII. Printers and photographers
(Pages 68-70) XVIII. Builders, bricklayers, stone and slate workers; contractors
(Pages 70-71) XIX. Painters and decorators
(Pages 71-73) XX. Workers in other materials
(Pages 73-76) XXI. Workers in mixed or undefined materials (not elsewhere enumerated)
(Pages 76-84) XXII. Persons employed in transport and communication
(Pages 84-88) XXIII. Commercial, finance, and insurance occupations (excluding clerks)
(Pages 88-91) XXIV. Persons employed in public administration and defence (excluding professional men, clerical staff, and typists)
(Pages 91-95) XXV. Professional occupations (excluding clerical staff)
(Pages 95-96) XXVI. Persons professionally engaged in entertainments and sport
(Pages 96-99) XXVII. Persons engaged in personal service (including institutions, clubs, hotels, &c.)
(Pages 99-100) XXVIII. Clerks and draughtsmen; typists
(Pages 100-102) XXIX. Warehousemen, storekeepers, and packers
(Pages 102-103) XXX. Stationary engine drivers, dynamo and motor attendants
(Pages 103-126) XXXI. Other and undefined workers
(Pages 126-127) XXXII. Retired or not gainfully occupied
(143 pages)Contract subtree Alphabetical list of occupations showing the code number of the group to which each is to be referred