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General report, Ireland, 1911

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-xiv) Title page & contents
(4 pages)Contract subtree Introduction
(Pages xv-xvi) Introductory observations
(Pages xvii-xviii) General summary
(7 pages)Contract subtree I. Area, houses, and population
(Page xix) Territorial divisions
(Pages xx-xxii) Area, houses, house accommodation, and families
(Page xxiii) Population of counties, county boroughs, and provinces, density of, and variation in
(Page xxiii) Poor law unions, or superintendent registrars' districts
(Page xxiii) Parliamentary divisions of counties and boroughs
(Page xxiv) Cities and towns
(Page xxv) Shipping
(1 page)Contract subtree II. Ages of the people
(Page xxv) Number of persons and proportion at certain age-periods in 1901 and in 1911
(Page xxv) Centenarians
(2 pages)Contract subtree III. Civil or conjugal condition of the people
(Pages xxvi-xxvii) Number and proportion of unmarried, married, and widowed
(5 pages)Contract subtree IV. Occupations of the people
(Pages xxvii-xxix) Occupations by classes and orders
(Page xxx) Special statistics of occupations or social position of inhabitants of the Dublin registration area
(Page xxxi) Persons combining other pursuits with farming
(2 pages)Contract subtree V. Birthplaces of the people
(Page xxxii) Irish-born population
(Page xxxii) Natives of England or Wales, Scotland, or abroad
(Page xxxiii) Occupations of persons born in foreign countries
(11 pages)Contract subtree VI. The sick and infirm
(Page xxxiv) Total sick and infirm
(Pages xxxiv-xxxv)Expand subtree The temporarily diseased
(Pages xxxv-xxxviii)Expand subtree The permanently diseased
(Pages xxxviii-xliii)Expand subtree The deaf and dumb
(3 pages)Contract subtree VII. Public institutions
(Page xliv) Inmates of the several classes of institutions and ratio to the population
(Page xliv) Military quartered in each province in Ireland
(Page xlv) Religious professions, conjugal condition, occupations, and education of inmates of workhouses
(Pages xlv-xlvi) Number of persons on out-door relief
(6 pages)Contract subtree VIII. Religious professions of the people
(Page xlvi) General view of religious professions for 1861, 1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, and 1911
(Pages xlvii-l) Religious professions of inhabitants of each province, county, etc
(Page li) Ecclesiastical divisions
(Page li) Absolute and relative number of each denomination in the dioceses
(6 pages)Contract subtree IX. Education of the people
(Page lii) Per-centage of illiterate persons at several census periods
(Page lii) Primary and Superior education
(Page liii) Educational establishments
(Page liii) Distribution of primary schools, and attendance thereat
(Pages liv-lv) Distribution of, and attendance at, establishments affording superior instruction
(Page lvi) Number of persons learning Latin, Greek, etc
(Page lvi) Number of persons learning Irish
(Pages lvi-lvii) Attendances at school and ages of pupils comparison with previous censuses
(3 pages)Contract subtree X. Irish-Speaking population
(Pages lvii-lix) Number and proportion of Irish speakers, by provinces and counties, in 1911, as compared with 1901
(2 pages)Contract subtree XI. Emigration
(Page lix) Number, ages, and destinations of emigrants from Ireland, by provinces and counties
(Page lx) Prepaid passages
(1 page)Contract subtree XII. Miscellaneous tables
(Page lx) Marriages, births, and deaths in Ireland in the ten years ended 31st March, 1911
(Page lx) Observations on other miscellaneous tables
(2 pages)Contract subtree XIII. Special inquiry as to agricultural holdings
(Page lxi) Classification of holdings adopted
(Page lxi) Distribution of holdings in the several provinces, according to valuation and size
(Page lxii) Distribution of population and house accommodation on agricultural holdings
(3 pages)Contract subtree XIV. Particulars as to marriages
(Page lxiii) Scope of the tables dealing therewith
(Page lxiii) Marriages according to durations (eleven periods of married life up to 35 years), number of children born alive, and number of such who had died
(Pages lxiii-lxiv) Average number of children per married woman, for each marriage age (in quinquennial periods) of the latter, and for each duration
(Page lxv) Particulars regarding six county boroughs, Dublin registration area, and Belfast county borough
(2 pages)Contract subtree Conclusion
(Page lxvi) Thanks to public officers with whom the department was brought into relation acknowledgment of services of office superintendents and staff
(552 pages)Contract subtree Detailed tables
(Pages 1-60)Expand subtree First series. Summaries of tables in county books
(Pages 61-552)Expand subtree Second series. Special tables for general report
(54 pages)Contract subtree Appendix. Copies of circulars, forms, etc. used in the taking of the census
(Pages 554-555) Instructions to superintendents of enumeration
(Pages 555-556) Supplemental instructions to superintendents of enumeration
(Pages 557-563)Expand subtree Instructions to enumerators
(Page 564) Supplemental instructions to enumerators
(Pages 564-574) Census office circulars
(Pages 574-576) Invoices
(Pages 577-579) Form A. Family return
(Page 580) Form B 1. House and building return
(Page 581) Form B 2. Return of out-offices and farm-steadings
(Page 582) Form B 3. Shipping return
(Page 583) Form C. Return of the sick
(Page 584) Form D. Return of lunatics and idiots, not in institutions
(Page 585) Form E. Return of paupers in workhouses
(Page 586) Form F. Hospital return
(Page 587) Form G. College and boarding school return
(Page 588) Form H. Return of military, R. I. constabulary, or metropolitan police, in barracks
(Page 589) Form I. Return of lunatics and idiots in public institutions and private lunatic asylums
(Page 590) Form K. Prison, Bridewell, and police station return
(Page 591) Form L 1. College and boarding school return
(Page 592) Form L 2. Return of scholars attending schools
(Page 593) Form L 3. Return of children on school roll
(Page 594) Form L 4. university and college return
(Page 595) Form M 1. Return of agricultural holdings
(Page 596) Form M 2. Enumerator's abstract of returns relating to agricultural holdings
(Page 597) Form M 3. Amalgamation of holdings in occupation of same person
(Page 598) Form N. Enumerator's abstract for a townland or street
(Page 599) Form O 1. Enumerator's summary
(Page 600) Form O 2. Enumerator's summary of houses, by classes
(Page 601) Form P 1. Names of enumerators
(Page 601) Form P 2. Townlands, etc., in enumeration district
(Page 602) Form P 3. Enumerator's return showing material discrepancies in the houses, and the population of the townlands, etc
(Page 603) Form Q. Schedule of forms
(Page 604) Form R. Statutory declaration return
(Page 605) Letter of acknowledgement