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Enumeration abstract, 1831 (Part 1)

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-iii) Title & contents pages
(52 pages)Contract subtree Preface
(Page iv) Contents of preface
(Pages xii-xiii) General summary of Great Britain
(Pages xix-xxi) Population of the several dioceses
(Page xxiii, Page 1) Population of the Metropolis and other great towns
(Pages xxv-xliii)Contract subtree Parish registers
(Page xxx) Number of baptisms, burials, and marriages, 1801-1830
(Page xxxii) Baptisms, burials, and marriages by county
(Page xxxiv) Number of registered marriages 1755-1800
(Page xxxvi) Ages of 3, 938, 496 persons buried in England and Wales
(Page xxxvii) Ages of persons enumerated in England and Wales, 28th May 1821
(Page xxxvii) Ages of 1, 497, 511 persons buried in England and Wales 1818-1824
(Pages xxxviii-xlii) Ages of males and females buried and registered in England and Wales 1813-1830
(Pages xliv-xlvii) Increase of population
(Pages xlviii-l) Population of counties in 1801, 1811, 1821, and 1831
(Pages li-lii) Prices of wheat at the Windsor Market, 1595-1833
(Page liii) Registered burials, 1780-1815
(Page liv) Vie moyenne and increase of population
(560 pages)Contract subtree England county of Bedford to Somerset
(Pages 2-9) Bedford
(Pages 10-23) Berks
(Pages 24-35) Buckingham
(Pages 36-45) Cambridge
(Pages 46-69) Chester
(Pages 70-81) Cornwall
(Pages 82-99) Cumberland
(Pages 144-161) Dorset
(Pages 162-179) Durham
(Pages 200-227) Gloucester
(Pages 228-243) Hereford
(Pages 244-251) Hertford
(Pages 252-257) Huntingdon
(Pages 284-309) Lancaster
(Pages 310-327) Leicester
(Pages 328-363) Lincoln
(Pages 364-383) Middlesex
(Pages 384-393) Monmouth
(Pages 394-427) Norfolk
(Pages 428-447) Northampton
(Pages 448-475) Northumberland
(Pages 476-489) Nottingham
(Pages 490-507) Oxford
(Pages 508-511) Rutland
(Pages 530-559) Somerset