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Area, population and number of houses, Ireland, Vol. I and II, 1861

Table of Contents

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(377 pages)Contract subtree Province of Leinster
(Page 1, Pages 1-2, Page 1) Title page, introduction and contents
(Page 3, Pages 1-16)Expand subtree County of Carlow
(Pages 17-42)Expand subtree County of Dublin
(Pages 43-45)Expand subtree Dublin city
(Pages 46-47)Expand subtree County and city of Dublin
(Pages 49-80)Expand subtree County of Kildare
(Pages 81-117)Expand subtree County of Kilkenny
(Page 117)Expand subtree Kilkenny city
(Pages 118-120)Expand subtree County and city of Kilkenny
(Pages 121-147)Expand subtree King's county
(Pages 149-168)Expand subtree County of Longford
(Pages 169-185)Expand subtree County of Louth
(Page 185)Expand subtree Drogheda borough
(Pages 186-187)Expand subtree County of Louth and borough of Drogheda
(Pages 124-228)Expand subtree County of Meath
(Pages 229-255)Expand subtree Queen's county
(Pages 257-287)Expand subtree County of Westmeath
(Pages 289-338)Expand subtree County of Wexford
(Pages 339-368)Expand subtree County of Wicklow
(Pages 368-369) Summary of province
(383 pages)Contract subtree Province of Munster
(Pages 1-3) Title page and contents
(Pages 1-46)Expand subtree County of Clare
(Pages 47-111)Expand subtree County of Cork, East Riding
(Pages 111-115)Expand subtree County of Cork, East Riding, and city of Cork
(Pages 117-164)Expand subtree County of Cork, West Riding
(Pages 165-218)Expand subtree County of Kerry
(Pages 219-262)Expand subtree County of Limerick
(Page 262)Expand subtree Limerick city
(Pages 263-266)Expand subtree County and city of Limerick
(Pages 267-301)Expand subtree County of Tipperary, North Riding
(Pages 303-339)Expand subtree County of Tipperary, South Riding
(Pages 341-372)Expand subtree County of Waterford
(Page 373)Expand subtree Waterford city
(Pages 374-376)Expand subtree County and city of Waterford
(Pages 376-377) Summary of province