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Belfast County Borough, 1926

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-iii) Title page and preface
(Pages iv-v) Contents
(5 pages)Contract subtree Part i. Definitions and explanations of terms used in this volume
(Page vi) Area
(Page vi) Population
(Page vi) Administrative divisions
(Page vi) Parliamentary constituencies
(Pages vi-vii) Houses
(Page vii) Rooms
(Page vii) Families
(Page viii) Rateable valuation
(Page viii) Education
(Page viii) Occupations
(Page ix) Industries
(Page ix) Birthplaces
(Page ix) Religious professions
(Page ix) Orphanhood
(Pages ix-x) Infirmities
(Page x) Convention as to dots (.) and dashes (-)
(Page x) Correction of census data
(18 pages)Contract subtree Part ii. Statistical notes
(Page xi) Area
(Pages xi-xiii)Expand subtree Population
(Pages xiv-xix)Expand subtree Buildings, rooms, and families
(Page xx) Institutions, etc
(Pages xx-xxi)Expand subtree Sexes, ages, and marital conditions
(Page xxi) Education
(Pages xxi-xxiv)Expand subtree Occupations
(Page xxv)Expand subtree Industries
(Pages xxv-xxvi) Birthplaces
(Pages xxvi-xxvii) Religious professions
(Page xxvii) Orphanhood
(Page xxvii) Infirmities
(28 pages)Contract subtree Part iii. Tables
(Page 1) 1. Area, houses, and population, 1926. (C. B.)
(Page 1) 2. Population, 1821-1926. (C. B.)
(Page 2) 3. Area, population, houses, accommodation, and valuation (C. B., D. E. D. s or wards)
(Pages 3-4) 4. Area, population, houses, and accommodation (C. B., U., D. s, D. E. D. s)
(Page 4) 5. This table, in the county volume, deals with co. and D. E. D. s. The corresponding information, so far as applicable to the C. B., is given in table 3
(Page 5) 6. Private houses and population living therein (C. B., wards)
(Pages 5-8) 7. Inhabited private houses, rooms, and families (C. B., wards)
(Pages 9-14) 8. Private families: Size, rooms occupied, and density of occupation (C. B., wards)
(Page 14) 9. Inhabited buildings, etc., other than private houses: Type, number, total population, and (for institutions) number of inmates (C. B.)
(Page 15) 10. Inhabited institutions and other establishments and shipping: Number, total population, and (for institutions) number of inmates (wards)
(Page 16) 11. Ages (quinquennial groups) and marital condition (C. B.)
(Page 17) 12. Education: Persons attending educational establishments by sex and age (C. B., or regional education area
(Pages 18-21) 13. Occupations (full list) of persons aged 12 years and over by sex (C. B.)
(Page 22) 14. Occupations (main groups) of persons aged 12 years and over by sex, occupational status, and national health insurance (C. B.)
(Pages 23-24) 15. Occupations (main groups) of persons aged 12 years and over by sex, marital condition, and 12 age groups (C. B.)
(Page 25) 16. Industries (main groups) of persons aged 12 years and over by sex (C. B.)
(Page 26) 17. Birthplaces (C. B.)
(Page 26) 18. Religious professions (C. B., wards)
(Page 27) 19. Orphanhood of children aged less than 16 years by sex and age (C. B.)
(Page 27) 20. Persons suffering from infirmities by sex, marital condition, and age groups, and numbers of such persons residing in institutions (C. B.)