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Second annual report of the registrar-general

Table of Contents

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(Pages 1-2) Title page and contents
(Pages 3-11) Report
(19 pages)Contract subtree Abstracts
(Pages 13-14) Abstract of marriages
(Pages 15-16) Abstract of births registered in the four quarters of the year and in each county
(Pages 17-18) Abstract of deaths registered in the four quarters and in each county
(Page 19) Abstract of deaths distinguishing the ages, in the Metropolis
(Page 19) Abstract of deaths Manchester, Salford, and suburbs
(Page 20) Abstract of deaths Liverpool and suburbs
(Page 20) Abstract of deaths Leeds and suburbs
(Page 21) Abstract of deaths Birmingham
(Page 21) Abstract of deaths Middlesex (part), Herts, Bedfordshire, Bucks
(Page 22) Abstract of deaths Berks, Hants, Sussex, Surrey (part), Kent
(Page 22) Abstract of deaths Dorset and Wilts
(Page 23) Abstract of deaths Devonshire
(Page 23) Abstract of deaths Cornwall
(Page 24) Abstract of deaths Somersetshire
(Page 24) Abstract of deaths Essex
(Page 25) Abstract of deaths Norfolk and Suffolk
(Page 25) Abstract of deaths Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, and Lincolnshire (Southern part)
(Page 26) Abstract of deaths counties of Derby, Leicester, Northampton, Nottingham, Rutland, arid Lincoln (Northern part)
(Page 26) Abstract of deaths Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, and parts of Warwickshire and Worcestershire
(Page 27) Abstract of deaths mining parts of Staffordshire and Shropshire
(Page 27) Abstract of deaths other parts of Staffordshire and Shropshire, with Cheshire
(Page 28) Abstract of deaths Lancashire, South of Morecambe Bay
(Page 28) Abstract of deaths West Riding of Yorkshire
(Page 29) Abstract of deaths city, Ainsty, and East Riding of York
(Page 29) Abstract of deaths North Riding of Yorkshire and Durham (except mining parts)
(Page 30) Abstract of deaths mining parts of Northumberland and Durham
(Page 30) Abstract of deaths Cumberland, Westmorland, and parts of Northumberland and Lancashire
(Page 31) Abstract of deaths Wales, with counties of Monmouth and Hereford
(Page 31) Abstract of deaths England and Wales
(5 pages)Contract subtree Tables
(Pages 32-33) Table showing the proportion out of 1000 registered deaths which have occurred at various ages in the whole of England and Wales, and in each of 25 divisions
(Pages 34-35) Table of births and of deaths under 1 and under 5 years of age
(Pages 34-35) Comparative statement of the ages of persons in the several counties of England and also in Wales, collectively, on the 28th day of May, 1821, deduced from the returns made under the population act, showing what would be the number of persons of the several specified ages, supposing (for the sake of comparison) the number of males and of females, whose ages are returned from each county, to have been 10000