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Appendix to the second annual report of the registrar-general

Table of Contents

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(Pages 1-2) Title page & contents
(Page 2) Errata
(18 pages)Expand subtree Letter to the registrar-general
(101 pages)Contract subtree Tables
(Pages 23-47)Contract subtree Table (A). Causes of death in England and Wales
(Page 23) Metropolis
(Page 24) Manchester and Salford
(Page 25) Liverpool and West Derby
(Page 26) Leeds
(Page 27) Birmingham
(Page 28) Middlesex (part of), Herfordshire, Buckinghamshire, and Bedfordshire
(Page 29) Kent (except Greenwich), Surrey (part of), Sussex, Hampshire, and Berkshire
(Page 30) Dorsetshire and Wiltshire
(Page 31) Devonshire
(Page 32) Cornwall
(Page 33) Somersetshire
(Page 34) Essex
(Page 35) Norfolk and Suffolk
(Page 36) Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, and the southern parts of Lincolnshire
(Page 37) Lincolnshire (Northern parts of), Rutlandshire, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire
(Page 38) Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire (except Dudley), and Warwickshire (except Birmingham)
(Page 39) Mining parts of Staffordshire, Shropshire, and Worcestershire
(Page 40) Cheshire, Shropshire, and Staffordshire (except mining districts)
(Page 41) Lancashire (except Liverpool and Manchester) south of Morecambe Bay
(Page 42) West Riding of Yorkshire, (except the Northern part thereof and Leeds)
(Page 43) City and Ainsty of the City, and the East Riding of the County of York
(Page 44) Durham and the North Riding of Yorkshire, with such part of the West Riding as in not included in Division XX. (except mining part)
(Page 45) The mining parts of Northumberland and Durham
(Page 46) Cumberland and Westmoreland, and such parts of the counties of Lancaster and Northumberland as are not included respectively in divisions XIX and XXIII
(Page 47) Wales, Monmouthshire, and Herefordshire
(Page 48) Table (B). Annual Rate of mortality by 94 causes
(Page 49) Table (C). Classification of diseases according to their pathological character
(Page 50) Table (D). Causes of death in the Metropolis and in the South Western counties
(Page 51) Table (E). Causes of death in 24 towns and in 7 counties
(Page 52) Table (F). Causes of death classified according to their pathological characters in town and rural districts
(Page 53) Tables (G). The relative mortality and diseases of the Metropolitan districts
(Page 53) Table (H). Relative fatality of diseases in Leeds, Birmingham, London, Liverpool and Manchester
(Pages 54-56) Tables (I), (K), (L), (M), (N), (F). The area, population, diseases, and mortality of England and Wales, in 11 divisions
(Pages 57-58) Table (O). Showing in 100, 000 deaths, the number of deaths from each of 12 classes of causes in 25 divisions, and in all England and Wales
(Pages 59-65) Table (P). The registered deaths from small-pox in each of the 10 quarters (July 1st, 1837-December 31st, 1839,) and in the several districts and counties of England and Wales
(Pages 65-67) Tables (1), (2), (3), (4), (5). Deaths from measles, typhus, hooping-cough small-pox, and scarlatina, in the districts of the Metropolis, distinguishing the deaths in each quarter of 1837-8
(Pages 68-117)Expand subtree Table (Q). Fatal diseases of the several districts and counties of England and Wales
(Pages 118-119) Table (R). Deaths from 94 causes in the four quarters of the year 1838 in the Metropolis
(Page 120) Table (S). Deaths from 94 causes in the four quarters of the year 1838 in Devonshire and Cornwall
(Page 121) Table (T). Deaths from 94 causes in the four quarters of the year 1838 in 21 mining districts
(Pages 122-125) Statistical nosology
(5 pages)Expand subtree Table of mortality for the Metropolis, 1840 (reprinted from the weekly tables published at the general register office