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Appendix to third annual report of the registrar-general

Table of Contents

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(Pages 1-2) Title page and contents
(26 pages)Contract subtree Letter to the registrar-general
(Page 3) Mortality and diseases of the year 1839
(Pages 3-5) Diseases of males and females
(Pages 5-15)Contract subtree Violent deaths
(Page 11) Tables (M) (N). Classification of violent deaths
(Page 12) Table (O). Various kinds of violent deaths to 100000 persons
(Page 13) Table (Q). Comparative view of the mortality by violent deaths in Sweden, Prussia. France, England
(Page 14) Murders
(Pages 14-15) Deaths by lightning
(Pages 15-19) Sudden deaths inquests
(Pages 19-20) Deaths in the London hospitals
(Page 20) Causes of death at different ages
(Pages 20-22) Diseases of the towns and of the open country
(Page 22) Influence of locality and occupation
(Pages 22-27) Influence of the seasons
(Page 28) Epidemics
(148 pages)Expand subtree Tables