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Fifth annual report of the registrar-general

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-ii) Contents
(5 pages)Expand subtree Report
(2 pages)Expand subtree Births
(4 pages)Expand subtree Deaths (a decrease of)
(11 pages)Expand subtree Life tables
(15 pages)Expand subtree Health of towns
(12 pages)Expand subtree Tables
(159 pages)Expand subtree Abstracts
(171 pages)Contract subtree Appendix
(Page 160) Index to appendices
(Pages 161-234)Expand subtree Mr. Farr's letter to the registrar-general, with the accompanying papers and tables
(Pages 235-241) Showing the deaths from small pox, measles, scarlatina, and typhus, in the several divisions, counties, and districts of England, in the four quarters of the year 1841  Download table
(Page 242) Meteorological table for 10 years, 1831-40  Download table
(Page 242) Meteorological table for each of the 10 years, 1831-40, and for 1841; with the number of deaths registered in the Metropolis in the 4 years, 1838-41  Download table
(4 foldouts) Summary of the weekly tables of mortality in the Metropolis in 1842
(4 foldouts) Map of the registration districts of the Metropolis
(Pages 245-324)Contract subtree Replies of the Metropolitan registrars to inquiries as to the sanatory state of their districts
(Page 246) Circular
(Page 246) Queries
(Pages 247-248) Index to registrar's returns
(Pages 249-260) West Districts
(Pages 260-273) North Districts
(Pages 273-289) Central Districts
(Pages 290-306) East Districts
(Pages 306-324) South Districts