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Supplement to registrar-general's thirty-fifth annual report

Table of Contents

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(Page 1, Pages 1-2) Title page & contents
(80 pages)Contract subtree Introduction
(Pages 5-8) 1. Possibilities and difficulties of extending human life
(Pages 8-9) 2. Probable decrease of mortality
(Page 9) 3. Increase of population in geometrical progression and its effects on health and mortality
(Pages 9-12) 4. Increase and decrease of population
(Pages 12-14) 5. Relation between death-rates and birth-rates
(Pages 14-15) 6. Instances of effects of industrial enterprise on death-and birth-rates
(Pages 15-18) 7. The principle of population
(Pages 19-20) 8. Progress of mankind in health
(Page 20) 9. Constituent elements of the population
(Pages 21-22) 10. The mortality of males and females at the several periods of life
(Pages 23-25) 11. Effects of density of population on health
(Page 25) 12. Mortality of persons of different ages as a sanitary test
(Page 25) 13. Districts grouped in the order of density
(Pages 25-27) 14. Of what causes people die off at different ages
(Pages 28-33) 15. March of an English generation through life
(Pages 33-34) 16. Future dangers at several stages of life
(Page 34) 17. The relative number of deaths from different causes
(Pages 34-35) 18. The rates of mortality at different ages by different causes
(Pages 35-36) 19. The law of mortality and of attacks of disease
(Pages 36-37) 20. Ages at death by particular diseases
(Pages 38-41) 21. Effect of the extinction of any single disease on the duration of life
(Pages 41-43) 22. Economic effect of deaths by different diseases
(Pages 43-52)Expand subtree 23. Hygienic topography
(Pages 52-82)Expand subtree 24. Health of men engaged in various occupations
(675 pages)Contract subtree Tables
(Pages clxxxvii-ccxii)Expand subtree Density of population and annual mortality of persons at all ages in the three decenniads 1841-50, 1851-60, and 1861-70, in the registration divisions, counties, and districts of England;, inmates and deaths in certain public institutions
(Pages ccxiii-ccxli)Expand subtree Average annual rate of mortality of males and females from all causes at different ages, in the 10 years 1861-70, in the registration divisions and districts of England
(Pages 1-445)Expand subtree Mean population, 1861-71, and deaths from different causes of males and females at different ages in the 10 years 1861-70 in England and Wales and in the registration divisions and districts
(Pages 447-504)Expand subtree Deaths of males at different ages from 5 years and upwards of different occupations in England and in each of the 11 registration divisions, registered in the year 1871
(Pages 505-514) Deaths of males at different ages from 5 years and upwards of different occupations in eighty town districts, registered in the year 1871
(25 pages)Contract subtree Indexes
(Pages 515-518) Index of districts
(Page 519) Index of certain towns
(Pages 521-539) Alphabetical index
(1 errata) Errata