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Report on the cholera epidemic of 1866 in England: supplement to the twenty-ninth annual report of the registrar-general

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-v) Title page & contents
(Page vii) Letter to the registrar-general by William Farr, M. D., F. R. S
(87 pages)Contract subtree Report on the cholera epidemic in England
(Pages ix-xii) Introduction
(Pages xii-xlvi)Expand subtree I. Cholera in London
(Pages xlvii-lii)Expand subtree II. Cholera fields
(Pages lii-lxv)Expand subtree III. Scientific elements of cholera
(Pages lxv-lxxxi)Expand subtree IV. Theories of cholera
(Pages lxxxii-xc)Expand subtree V. Prevention of cholera
(Pages 1-5)Expand subtree VI. Maps and diagrams
(303 pages)Contract subtree Appendix
(Pages 1-86)Expand subtree I. Tables
(Pages 87-100) II. Narrative or proceedings at general register office during the cholera epidemic of 1866
(Pages 100-101) III. Mr. Greaves's evidence before the pollution of rivers' commission in reference to the' distribution of impure water in East London
(Pages 102-108) IV. The Board of Trade and the water supply of East London
(Pages 109-205)Expand subtree V. Cholera in London, 1866
(Pages 206-251)Expand subtree VI. Notes on cholera, in 1866, in the several districts of England
(Pages 252-256) VII. Meteorological elements of the period of cholera epidemic in London, 1866
(Pages 257-259) VIII. Professor Frankland's report on the quality of the London water supply in 1866
(Pages 260-274)Expand subtree IX. Water supply of London
(Pages 275-279) X. Water supply of Paris
(Pages 280-281) XI. Letter from Dr. Pettenkofer on cholera in Bavaria
(Pages 281-287) XII. Cholera in Albano
(Page 287) XIII. Cholera in Rome
(Pages 288-294)Expand subtree XIV. Cholera in London, 1848-49
(Pages 295-302)Expand subtree XV. Cholera in London, 1853-54
(Pages 303-304) List of some of the principal English official and other publications relating to cholera
(Pages 305-322) Alphabetical index to report and appendix