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Sixteenth annual report of the registrar-general (Registrar-general's edition)

Table of Contents

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(Pages 1-4) Title page & contents
(28 pages)Contract subtree Report
(Page i) Marriages, births, and deaths; and their annual proportions to the population in each of the years 1838-53
(Pages ii-ix)Expand subtree Marriages in 1853
(Pages ix-xii)Expand subtree Births in 1853
(Pages xii-xiv)Expand subtree Deaths in 1853
(Pages xiv-xvi) Mortality in the 628 districts of England and Wales, 1841-50
(Pages xvii-xxiv) Family nomenclature in England and Wales
(Pages xxv-xxvii) A list of peculiar surnames
(Page xxviii) Specimens of Cornish surnames
(140 pages)Contract subtree Abstracts
(Pages 2-25)Expand subtree Marriages registered in England in each of the divisions, counties, and districts in 1853; distinguishing those according and those not according to the rites of the established church; and distinguishing also persons married according to their, conjugal condition, minority, and signature of the register by marks
(Pages 26-27) Ages of persons married in 1853, distinguishing those of bachelors, spinsters, widowers, widows
(Pages 28-82)Expand subtree Marriages, births, and deaths registered in each of the divisions, counties, and districts in 1853; also births and deaths in the sub-districts of England; showing illegitimate births throughout
(Pages 83-84) Deaths in 1853 in the principal public institutions in London
(Pages 86-93) Births of all children, and of children born out of wedlock, registered in the divisions and counties in each of the four quarters of 1853
(Pages 94-97) Deaths registered in each of the four quarters of 1853, in divisions and counties
(Pages 98-119)Expand subtree Deaths of males and females at different ages registered in 1853 in divisions, counties, and districts
(Pages 120-123) Causes of death in London, at twenty-four periods of life, in 1853
(Pages 124-139) Causes of death in England, and in each division and county in 1853
(14 pages)Contract subtree Supplemental tables
(Pages 142-149) Density of population, mortality, and excess of deaths over 17 in 1000 in the years 1841-50, in the counties and districts of England
(Pages 150-153) Area, population and number of deaths in the years 1841-50; with the density of population, annual mortality, &c. in towns represented by certain districts and sub-districts
(128 pages)Contract subtree Appendix
(Pages 1-64)Expand subtree Extracts from the quarterly returns of marriages, births, and deaths, issued in the year 1853
(Pages 65-70)Expand subtree Letter to the registrar general on the causes of death in England in 1853, by William Farr, esq., M. D., F. R. S
(Pages 71-105)Expand subtree Report on the nomenclature and statistical classification of diseases, by Dr. Farr
(Pages 106-125)Expand subtree Report to the registrar general on the international statistical congress at Paris in 1855, by Dr. Farr
(Pages 127-130) Index of districts, referring by numbers to the several tables of abstracts