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Seventeenth annual report of the registrar-general (Registrar-general's edition)

Table of Contents

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(Page 1, Pages 1-4) Title page & contents
(18 pages)Contract subtree Report
(Page i) Marriages, births, and deaths; and their annual proportions to the population in each of the years 1838-54
(Pages ii-xii)Expand subtree Marriages in 1854
(Pages xii-xvi)Expand subtree Births in 1854
(Pages xvi-xviii)Expand subtree Deaths in 1854
(140 pages)Contract subtree Abstracts
(Pages 2-25)Expand subtree Marriages registered in England in each of the divisions, counties, and districts in 1854; distinguishing those according and those not according to the rites of the Established Church; and distinguishing also persons married according to their conjugal condition, minority, and signature of the register by marks
(Pages 26-27) Ages of persons married in 1854, distinguishing those of bachelors, spinsters, widowers, widows, and their ages
(Pages 28-82)Expand subtree Marriages, births, and deaths registered in each of the divisions, counties, and districts in 1854; also births and deaths and excess of births over deaths in each of the sub-districts of England; showing illegitimate births throughout
(Pages 83-84) Deaths in 1854 in the principal public institutions in London
(Pages 86-89) Births of all male and female children, registered in the divisions and counties in each of the four quarters of 1854
(Pages 90-93) Births of male and female children born out of wedlock, registered in the divisions and counties in each of the four quarters of 1854
(Pages 94-97) Deaths of males and females, registered in each of the four quarters of 1854, in divisions and counties
(Pages 98-119)Expand subtree Deaths of males and females at different ages registered in 1854 in divisions, counties, and districts
(Pages 120-123) Causes of deaths of males and females in London, at different periods of life, in 1854
(Pages 124-139) Causes of deaths of males and females in England, and in each division and county, in 1854
(68 pages)Contract subtree Appendix
(Pages 1-64)Expand subtree Extracts from the quarterly returns of marriages, births, and deaths, issued in the year 1854
(44 pages)Contract subtree Letter to the registrar general on the causes of death in England in 1854, by William Farr, Esq., M. D., F. R. S
(Pages 65-66) Public health and meteorology in 1854
(Pages 66-72)Expand subtree I. Causes of death
(Pages 72-74) II. Mortality of women in childbearing, and tables showing the numbers and proportion of women dying from this cause
(Pages 74-107)Expand subtree III. The cholera epidemic of 1853-54
(Page 108) Table showing the number and proportion of childbearings in Sweden
(Pages 109-112) Index of districts, referring by numbers to the several tables of abstracts