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Seventy-fourth annual report of the registrar-general

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-vi) Title page & contents
(5 pages)Contract subtree Introductory remarks
(Page vii) Salient features of the vital statistics of the year
(Pages vii-xi) Changes in the form and contents of the report
(92 pages)Contract subtree Review by Dr. Stevenson of the vital statistics of the year
(Page xii)Expand subtree Population
(Pages xii-xix)Expand subtree Marriages
(Pages lv-lvii)Expand subtree Enteric fever
(Page lvii) Small-pox
(Pages lvii-lix)Expand subtree Measles
(Pages lix-lxii)Expand subtree Scarlet fever
(Pages lxii-lxiv)Expand subtree Whooping cough
(Pages lxiv-lxvii)Expand subtree Diphtheria and croup
(Pages lxvii-lxix)Expand subtree Influenza
(Page lxix) Vaccinia
(Pages lxix-lxx)Expand subtree Tuberculosis
(Pages lxx-lxxiv)Expand subtree Phthisis
(Page lxxiv) Tuberculous meningitis
(Pages lxxiv-lxxv) Other tuberculous diseases
(Pages lxxxiii-lxxxv)Expand subtree Tumours (not returned as malignant)
(Pages lxxxv-lxxxvi)Expand subtree Alcoholism
(Page lxxxvi) Poliomyelitis
(Pages lxxxvi-lxxxviii)Expand subtree Pneumonia (all forms)
(Pages lxxxviii-xc)Expand subtree Lobar pneumonia and "pneumonia" (type not stated)
(Pages xc-xcii)Expand subtree The puerperal state
(Pages xcii-xciv)Expand subtree Anaesthetics
(Pages xciv-xcvi)Expand subtree Ill-defined causes of death
(Pages xcvi-xcviii)Expand subtree Deaths in institutions for the sick or infirm
(Pages xcviii-c)Expand subtree United Kingdom
(Page c) Mortality in the army
(Page c) Mortality in the navy
(Page c) Births and deaths at sea
(Pages c-ci) Progress of registration
(Page ci) Offences against the registration acts
(Page ci) Searches and certificates
(Pages cii-cvi) Meteorology of the year 1911
(125 pages)Contract subtree Tables
(Pages 2-3) 1. United Kingdom: Population of its several portions estimated to the middle of each of the years 1862-1911
(Page 4) 2. Estimated population of England and Wales and main divisions in the middle of the year 1911, by sexes at ages
(Pages 5-12) 3. Estimated population of aggregate urban and rural areas in administrative counties in the middle of the year 1911, by sexes at ages
(Pages 13-18) 4. Estimated population of county boroughs in the middle of the year 1911, by sexes at ages
(Page 19) 5. Marriages, births, and deaths, 1862-1911
(Page 20) 6. Annual marriage-, birth-, and death-rates and infantile mortality, 1838-1911
(Page 21) 7. Annual marriage-, birth-, and crude death-rates in each quarter in groups of years, 1838-1911, and in each year, 1902-1911
(Page 21) 8. Churches and chapels of the Established Church and registered buildings in which marriages could be legally solemnized, 31st December, 1911
(Page 22) 9. England and Wales and London, in 1000 marriages, 1862-1911 manner of solemnization
(Page 23) 10. First marriages, re-marriages, marriages of minors and signatures by mark
(Page 24) 11. Registration counties, in 1, 000 marriages, manner of solemnization, 1911
(Page 25) 12. Proportions of first marriages, re-marriages, marriages of minors, signatures by mark; and marriage-rates, 1901-10 and 1911
(Page 26) 13. Annual death-rates at twelve groups of ages, general death-rate corrected for sex and age constitution, and infantile mortality, 1838-1911 persons
(Page 27) 14. Males
(Page 28) 15. Females
(Page 29) 16. Mortality by sex, age, and locality, 1911
(Pages 30-31) 17. Administrative counties crude death-rate at all ages, death-rates at ages, including infantile mortality, together with crude death-rate at all ages in urban and rural aggregates, 1911 males and females
(Pages 32-34) 18. County boroughs crude death-rate at all ages, death-rates at ages, including infantile mortality, 1911 males and females
(Pages 35-44) 19. Deaths from various causes at all ages, 1897-1911 males, females, and persons (list of causes as in use prior to 1911)
(Pages 45-54) 20. Crude annual death-rates from various causes at all ages to a million living, 1897-1911 males, females, and persons (list of causes as in use prior to 1911)
(Pages 55-59) 21. Crude death-rates at all ages from various causes, 1911 (new list)
(Page 60) 22. Annual death-rates from the principal epidemic diseases, 1838-1911
(Pages 61-62) 23. Mortality from several causes, by sex and age, 1911 all areas
(Page 63) 24. London
(Pages 64-65) 25. County boroughs
(Pages 66-67) 26. Other urban districts
(Pages 68-70) 27. Rural districts
(Pages 71-72) 28. Infant mortality by sex, age, cause, and legitimacy 1911
(Pages 73-87) 28a. Mortality of legitimate infants in relation to occupation of father
(Pages 88-89) 28b. Legitimate infantile mortality by age and cause of various social classes as indicated by occupation
(Pages 90-92) 28c. Mortality of illegitimate infants in relation to occupation of mother
(Page 93) 28d. Infantile mortality of illegitimate children of female domestic servants by age and cause
(Pages 94-98) 29. Infantile mortality by age, cause, and legitimacy, 1911 administrative areas
(Page 99) 30. Names on registers, searches and fees received at the general register office, 1862-1911
(Page 100) 31. Islands in the British Seas. Area and population; and births and deaths, 1886-1911
(Page 100) 32. Balance inward or outward on passenger movement into and out of the United Kingdom, 1895-1911
(Page 101) 33. Army strength and mortality, 1872-1911
(Page 101) 34. Royal navy mortality in the service afloat, 1872-1911
(Page 102) 35. Merchant service, number and mortality of masters and seamen employed in sea going vessels (excluding fishing vessels and yachts) registered in the United Kingdom and the Isle of Man, 1890-91 to 1910-1911
(Page 103) 36. Age constitution of populations of several countries
(Pages 104-115) 37. International vital statistics
(Pages 116-117) 38. Meteorological elements, Greenwich, 1861-1911
(Pages 118-119) 39. Quarterly, 1911
(Pages 120-121) 40. Meteorological table for London, 1911
(Pages 122-125) 41. Meteorological elements at several stations, 1911
(452 pages)Contract subtree Abstracts
(Pages 126-147)Expand subtree Marriages
(Pages 148-178)Expand subtree Estimated population, births (legitimate and illegitimate), birth-rate, deaths, death-rate (crude and standardized), standardizing factor, infant mortality and natural increase in each administrative area
(Pages 179-577)Expand subtree Deaths
(1 errata) Errata