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Fifty-seventh detailed annual report of registrar-general of births, deaths and marriages, Scotland

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-iv) Title page & contents
(Pages v-vi) Report by the registrar-general to the secretary for Scotland
(38 pages)Contract subtree Report by Dr. J. C. Dunlop to the registrar-general
(Page x) On population
(Pages x-xiv) On births
(Page xv) On marriages
(Pages xv-xxi) On deaths
(Pages xxi-xxxi) On causes of death
(Pages xxxi-xliv) Meteorological notes
(Pages xlv-xlviii) Appendix: Change in classification of causes of death
(38 pages)Contract subtree Appendix tables
(Page xlix) Table 1. Births, deaths, and marriages in Scotland, 1855-1911
(Pages l-li) Table 2. Birth-, death-, and marriage-rates in Scotland, 1855-1911
(Page lii) Table 3. Births, deaths, and marriages registered in each quarter, 1901-1911
(Page liii) Table 4. Birth-and death-rates in larger burghs
(Pages liv-lvii) Table 5. Birth-and death-rates in smaller burghs
(Pages lviii-lx) Table 6. Birth-and death-rates in county districts
(Page lxi) Table 7. Birth-, marriage-, and death-rates in counties
(Page lxii) Table 8. Birth-rate among married and among unmarried women
(Page lxiii) Table 18. Ages at death quinquennial age groups
(Page lxiii) Table 19. Death-rates quinquennial age-groups
(Page lxiii) Table 20. Percentage of deaths in quinquennial age-groups
(Pages lxiv-lxv) Table 21. Ages at death single years of age and condition as to marriage
(Page lxvi) Table 22. Deaths in age-groups in larger burghs
(Page lxvi) Table 23. Death-rates in age-groups in larger burghs
(Page lxvii) Table 24. Deaths by age and cause
(Page lxviii) Table 25. Death-rates by age and cause
(Page lxix) Table 26. Percentage of deaths from various causes in age-groups
(Page lxx) Table 27. Deaths from various causes, Scotland and groups of public health districts
(Page lxxi) Table 28. Death-rates from various causes, Scotland and groups of public health districts
(Page lxxii) Table 29. Deaths from various causes larger burghs
(Pages lxxii-lxxiii) Table 30. Death-rates from various causes larger burghs
(Page lxxiv) Table 31. Deaths from principal epidemic and certain other diseases, 1855-1911
(Pages lxxv-lxxvi) Table 32. Death-rates from principal epidemic and certain other diseases, 1855-1911
(Page lxxvii) Table 33. Deaths and death-rate from puerperal conditions
(Page lxxviii) Table 34. Deaths from malignant disease
(Pages lxxix-lxxxi) Table 35. Deaths from suicide
(Page lxxxii) Table 36. Deaths from poison
(Page lxxxiii) Table 37. Deaths of children of less than one year from certain causes, showing the age in completed months
(Page lxxxiii) Table 38. Deaths of children of less than one year, showing the month of registration of death
(Page lxxxiv) Table 39. Certified and uncertified deaths
(Page lxxxv) Table 40. Meteorology of Scotland, 1911
(Page lxxxv) Table 41. Weather, and weekly death-rates, 1911
(400 pages)Contract subtree Abstracts
(Pages 1-22)Expand subtree Tables of the population in 1901 and 1911, and of the births, illegitimate births, deaths, and marriages during the year 1911, in every registration district
(Pages 23-87)Expand subtree Causes of death, full list
(Pages 88-399)Expand subtree Statistics of public health districts