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Appendix to third annual report of the registrar-general

Table of Contents

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(Pages 1-2) Title page and contents
(26 pages)Contract subtree Letter to the registrar-general
(Page 3) Mortality and diseases of the year 1839
(Pages 3-5) Diseases of males and females
(Pages 5-15)Expand subtree Violent deaths
(Pages 15-19) Sudden deaths inquests
(Pages 19-20) Deaths in the London hospitals
(Page 20) Causes of death at different ages
(Pages 20-22) Diseases of the towns and of the open country
(Page 22) Influence of locality and occupation
(Pages 22-27) Influence of the seasons
(Page 28) Epidemics
(148 pages)Contract subtree Tables
(Pages 29-56)Expand subtree Table (A). Causes of deaths in England and Wales
(Page 57) Table (B). Annual rate of mortality by 94 causes
(Page 58) Table (C). Classification of diseases, according to their pathological characters
(Page 59) Table (D 1). Violent deaths in the Metropolis (1838-9)
(Pages 59-60) Tables (D 2, D 3). Violent deaths in Birmingham, Manchester and Salford, Liverpool and West Derby
(Pages 61-62) Tables (D 4, D 5). Violent deaths in mining districts
(Page 63) Table (D 6). Violent deaths in agricultural districts
(Pages 64-69) Deaths from diseases at different ages (tables E, F)
(Pages 70-81) Tables (G, H, I). Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham
(Page 82) Table (K). Causes of death in the Metropolis and South-Western counties, 1838-9
(Page 83) Table (L). Causes of death in 24 towns or city districts, and in seven counties, 1838-9
(Page 84) Table (M). Summary of tables (K, L)
(Page 85) Table (N). Mortality from the several causes of death in town and country districts
(Pages 86-87) Tables (O,) (o,) (oo,) (ooo.) of the relative mortality in the Metropolitan districts
(Pages 88-91) Tables (P, Q, R, S, T). The mortality and diseases of 11 groups of counties
(Pages 92-93) Table (U). Showing in 100000 deaths the proportion from each of 12 classes of causes in 25 divisions, and in all England and Wales
(Pages 94-143)Expand subtree Table (V). Fatal diseases of the several districts of England and Wales
(Pages 144-157) Tables (W and WW) showing the deaths from typhus (fever) and scarlatina in the several districts and counties of England and Wales within 10 quarterly periods, extending from July 1st, 1837, to December 31st, 1839
(Page 158, 4 foldouts, Pages 161-174)Expand subtree Tables of mortality for the Metropolis