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Fourth annual report of the registrar-general

Table of Contents

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(Pages 1-2) Title page and contents
(14 pages)Contract subtree Report
(Page 3) Subdivisions of the country into districts
(Pages 4-5) Marriages, births, and deaths
(Page 6) Marriages
(Page 7) Early marriages
(Page 8) Numbers married at different ages
(Page 9) Births
(Page 10) Deaths
(Page 10) Mortality in different years
(Page 10) Mortality in divisions
(Page 11) Mortality in town districts
(Page 12) Mortality in ages
(Page 13) Comparative table of the annual mortality in England, in the Metropolis, and in Manchester; with the mortality on which the Northampton, Swedish, and Carlisle tables were calculated
(Page 14) Education of persons married
(Pages 15-16) Registered places of worship
(55 pages)Contract subtree 4th Annual abstracts
(Pages 17-25) Abstracts of marriages
(Pages 26-34) Abstracts of births
(Pages 35-43) Abstracts of deaths
(Pages 44-71)Expand subtree Abstracts of deaths at different ages
(Pages 72-84) Miscellaneous tables
(146 pages)Contract subtree Appendix
(Page 85) Letter to the registrar-general
(Pages 85-90) On the increase of the population
(Pages 91-92) Registration of the causes of death
(Pages 93-105) Statistical nosology
(Pages 106-111) Alphabetical list of the causes of death
(Pages 112-122) Medical nomenclature
(Pages 123-127) Note in reply to some observations in a report of a sub-committee of the royal college of physicians in Edinburgh
(Pages 128-131) Public health in 1840
(Pages 132-137) Cause of death in England, and in the 11 divisions (tables a, b)
(Pages 138-149) Cause of death in different counties (tables c)
(Pages 150-193)Expand subtree Cause of death in the 324 statistical districts (tables d)
(Pages 194-199) Deaths in the London hospitals
(Pages 200-205) Epidemics of small-pox, scarlatina, and typhus
(Pages 206-211) Epidemics of measles
(Pages 212-213) Deaths from various causes at 3 periods of life
(Page 214) Mortality of females in 10 divisions of England
(4 foldouts, Pages 217-228) Weekly tables of mortality