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Fifth annual report of the registrar-general

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-ii) Contents
(5 pages)Contract subtree Report
(Page iii) Marriages, births, and deaths, compared
(Page iv) Marriages, to 100000 living in eleven divisions of the kingdom
(Page v) Marriages in the four quarters of the year
(Page vi) Re-marriages
(Page vi) Marriages of minors
(Page vii) Persons married who wrote their names
(2 pages)Contract subtree Births
(Pages vii-viii) Increase of births
(Page viii) Births registered in the four quarters of the year
(Page viii) Illegitimate births
(4 pages)Contract subtree Deaths (a decrease of)
(Pages ix-x) Deaths in the four seasons of the year
(Page x) The numbers of marriages, births, and deaths, in the four seasons of the year, are the four terms of a proportion
(Page xi) Mortality in the four years and in eleven divisions
(Page xii) Population, deaths, and mortality, at different ages, in England, 1841
(11 pages)Contract subtree Life tables
(Pages xiii-xvi) Halley's life table; the Swedish and Carlisle tables; annuity tables; tables of the assurance societies; construction of national life tables
(Page xvii) The English life table
(Page xviii) Probable duration of life in England
(Page xix) Expectation of life (vie moyenne)
(Page xx) Annuities life assurance
(Page xxi) Comparison of the mean duration of life by the English, Swedish, and Carlisle tables
(Page xxii) Note on a French life table by M. Demonferrand
(Page xxiii) Duration of life by the English table, compared with that of French and English annuitants, the equitable and amicable experience
(15 pages)Contract subtree Health of towns
(Pages xxiv-xxv) Population and mortality of Surrey, Liverpool, and the Metropolis
(Pages xxvi-xxvii) Life tables: Mean duration of life in Surrey, Liverpool, and the Metropolis
(Page xxviii) Errors of life tables, constructed from the deaths alone in an increasing population
(Pages xxix-xxxii) Fallacies of general reasonings upon the "mean age at death"
(Page xxxiii) Age at death of the English and Irish people
(Page xxxiv) The mean age of males and females
(Page xxxv) Weekly and quarterly tables of the mortality in the Metropolis, and the most populous districts of the kingdom
(Page xxxvi) Diagrams illustrative of life tables
(Pages xxxvii-xxxviii) Diagrams representing the population to 100000 births in healthy and unhealthy places
(12 pages)Contract subtree Tables
(Page xxxix) Marriages, births, and deaths in the several counties
(Pages xl-xli) Marriages, births, and deaths (of males and females), in the several counties
(Pages xlii-xlviii) Annual number of marriages, births, and deaths, to 100 males and 100 females living in the 324 statistical districts
(Pages xlix-l) Proportion per cent. of males and females in each county signing the marriage register with marks
(159 pages)Contract subtree Abstracts
(Pages 1-9)Expand subtree Abstract of marriages
(Pages 10-20)Expand subtree Abstract of births
(Pages 21-31)Expand subtree Abstract of deaths
(Pages 32-59)Expand subtree Abstract of ages at death
(Pages 60-133)Expand subtree Abstract of causes of death
(Pages 134-159)Expand subtree Abstract of deaths in the Metropolis
(171 pages)Contract subtree Appendix
(Page 160) Index to appendices
(Pages 161-234)Expand subtree Mr. Farr's letter to the registrar-general, with the accompanying papers and tables
(Pages 235-241) Showing the deaths from small pox, measles, scarlatina, and typhus, in the several divisions, counties, and districts of England, in the four quarters of the year 1841  Download table
(Page 242) Meteorological table for 10 years, 1831-40  Download table
(Page 242) Meteorological table for each of the 10 years, 1831-40, and for 1841; with the number of deaths registered in the Metropolis in the 4 years, 1838-41  Download table
(4 foldouts) Summary of the weekly tables of mortality in the Metropolis in 1842
(4 foldouts) Map of the registration districts of the Metropolis
(Pages 245-324)Expand subtree Replies of the Metropolitan registrars to inquiries as to the sanatory state of their districts