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Fifth annual report of the registrar-general (Registrar-general's edition)

Table of Contents

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(Pages i-iv) Title page & contents
(52 pages)Contract subtree Report
(Page 2) Marriages, births, and deaths, compared
(Pages 3-8)Expand subtree Marriages to 100000 living in eleven divisions of the kingdom
(Pages 8-11)Expand subtree Births
(Pages 11-16)Expand subtree Deaths (a decrease of)
(Pages 16-33)Expand subtree Life tables
(Pages 33-52)Expand subtree Health of towns
(289 pages)Contract subtree Tables
(Page 53) Marriages, births, and deaths in the several counties
(Pages 54-55) Marriages, births, and deaths (of males and females), in the several counties
(Pages 56-71) Annual number of marriages, births, and deaths, to 100 males and 100 females living in the 324 statistical districts
(Page 72) Proportion per cent. of males and females in each county signing the marriage register with marks
(Pages 73-287)Expand subtree Fifth annual abstracts
(Pages 288-303) Deaths in the year 1840 in 24 town districts, from 94 causes, and at 14 periods of life
(Pages 304-307) Table showing out of 100000 persons born in the Metropolis, the numbers dying from 94 causes, at 12 periods of life
(Pages 308-315) Table showing out of 51023 males and 48977 females born in the metropolis, the numbers dying from 94 causes, at 12 periods of life
(Pages 316-323) Table of the proportion of deaths in the Metropolis, at 12 periods of life, and from 94 causes
(Pages 324-338) Abstract of deaths from small pox, measles, scarlatina, and typhus, in the several divisions, counties, and districts of England, during the year 1841
(Pages 339-341) Comparative view of the expectation of life by Mr. Finlaison's and the "actuaries" tables
(144 pages)Contract subtree Appendix
(Page 342) Mr. Farr's letter to the registrar-general
(Pages 342-362) Construction of life tables English life table constructed by the differential method
(Pages 362-367) A short method of constructing life tables
(Pages 368-371) Public health 1841
(Pages 372-379) Death by different causes in the four years, 1838-41
(Pages 380-383) Deaths in childbirth: How the mortality from this cause may be diminished
(Pages 384-397) Childbirth sometimes fatal by the contagion of childbed fever
(Pages 397-405) Abstracts of deaths in town and country districts
(Pages 406-435) Causes of the high mortality in town districts
(Pages 436-437) Deaths, births, and marriages, to 100 females living; increase of female population to a square mile; square yards to each person; square yards and number of persons to each house; annual value of rated property to each house and person; annual amount of poor rate to each person; and amount per £ expended on the relief of the poor, in the 30 statistical districts of the Metropolis
(Pages 438-440) Causes of mortality at different periods of life
(129 pages)Contract subtree Metropolitan registrar's return of the sanatory condition of their districts
(Page 473) Circular
(Page 474) Queries
(Pages 475-476) Index to registrars' returns
(Pages 477-601)Expand subtree Replies of the Metropolitan registrars to inquiries as to the sanatory state of their districts
(Pages 602-604) Meteorological table for 10 years, 1831-40